A platform for the entire logistics industry

 RIO is a Cloud-Based digital platform from Volkswagen Truck & Bus that combines different sources of data, analyses them and gives users concrete recommendations for action in real time.

The aim was to create an independent brand that bundles digital services for the entire transport and logistics ecosystem.


One fifth of all truck journeys are empty.

For the average truck, this amounts to 100,000 unnecessary kilometers being driven each year. Emissions, costs, working time – all senselessly wasted.

RIO offers transport and logistics companies the facility to manage their complete truck and trailer fleets on one platform.


Brand Architecture




 We created a fully responsive website that works as a benchmark for all the features, applications and possibilities of the brand.

Product Launch

The IAA (International Automobile Exhibition) is the world's largest trade show for mobility, transport and logistics. 

We crafted a wide range of physical scenarios and multimedia content for the product launch.



 We designed a customizable device that will be implemented on all Scania & MAN trucks 

Client: Volkswagen Truck & Bus  // Agency: Serviceplan

Creative Director: Ben Hug  //  Art Direction: Raúl Rey

Design & Production: Serviceplan Team

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