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Chromatic Composition System


Seequenz.me is a visual composition system.
Seequenz.me is an interactive sequencer.
Seequenz.me reconsiders the standard music notation.
Seequenz.me explores color-sound analogies.
Seequenz.me is a sound toy.


How does it work?

Based on Color-Tone analogies, each of the 12 notes of the western chromatic scale is directly related to a color within the visual spectrum.

The user can choose a scale to work with and only the colors (notes) included in the scale will be displayed. 

08 copy 9-2

The length of each sound is represented by squares of different sizes.

Since the composition process is based on the combination of shapes and color, melodies are created based on a visual criteria.

It is possible to create harmonic compositions even without knowing the basic rules of music theory.

Pentagrams written on standard notation could have its equivalent and could be created following seequenz.me principles.


Interface & Usability



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Concept & Design: Raul Rey

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